Since its foundation in 2001, Schmidt & CO. enoteca consistently strives to live up to the compliment paid us by a renowned French wine collector, investor and hegemon: vous êtes diamantaire des vins (you are a wine jeweler).

    vous êtes diamantaire des vins From its conception, our Company relies on two key qualities: passion and the instinct for spotting a good investment. Uncorking a good bottle of wine equals uncorking an array of pleasures, sensations, stories and experiences. Even better, the "pleasure-element" may significantly grow in time, as the wine improves with age.

    uncorking a fascinating story one day ...if the right selection meets a proper archiving process, that is. Over the span of our existence, our vision has further crystallized into treating wine selection as a careful investment process, inspired by ours and our clients’ passion for fine wine collection, unlocking its long-term investment potential, with the outlook of uncorking a fascinating story one day.

We are proud to serve the Slovak market as the exclusive importer and reseller of five main, sensibly selected French and Italian wineries and Champagne maisons, plus a handful of complementary wineries of comparable class and quality (see Schmidt Selection). For the future, we envision guarding our position of what likely constitutes the finest and broadest French-Italian wine archive in the country, continue fostering its long-term investment worth, as well as promoting fine wine culture in the region.


We specialize in tailoring your event to your needs. Whether you envision a tasting externally, in the authentic ambiance of our 500-years old wine cellar (which also is a national historical landmark), or you are craving a “mood & food” event where top-notch wine is married with a savory culinary experience – you got it. We deliver the ultimate fine wine experience.

  cozy spaces attuned to enjoying wine Clients usually prefer our premises, since they offer a high degree of privacy, flexibility, convenience, and a variety of cozy space attuned to enjoying wine:

+ 500-years old historical wine-cellar (seating capacity 14 persons, ideal atmospheric ambiance for tastings)
+ The Wine World (seating capacity 14 persons, perfect for wine dinners, warm/cold menu catered from our gastro partners)
+ The Gentleman's Room (seating capacity 10 persons, made for wine, cigar smoking and music sessions)
+ parking capacity 5+ vehicles, available overnight free of charge
Multiple spaces can be reserved/combined for a single event to facilitate a richer and more varied wine experience, and increase the seating capacity.

For sommeliers, aenologists and wine enthusiasts we regularly host special tastings highlighting a particular appellation or vintage, tastings of En Primeur newly produced wines, or France versus Italy winery face-offs. Our efforts reverberate in rich gastro-informative dinners (e.g. GAJA dinners), blind tastings, and wine maison battles, overseen by the wineries’ representatives. Finally, we often entertain corporate events (i.e. informal executive board gatherings, corporate workshops, teambuildings etc.). MAKE A RESERVATION