"You can taste it. If you don't like it, pour it out."

- Angelo Gaja

When asked for comments on the rising star, 1999 Sperss (currently ranked 92 points Robert Parker) by Wine Spectator during the 2011 New York Wine Experience, the Italian wine wolf and heavyweight Angelo Gaja closed the debate before even opening it by dryly stating: "You can taste it. If you don't like it, pour it out. I have nothing else to say about (the) wine!"

His life philosophy left a significant trace on the GAJA business, which today constitutes probably the best Italian winery, and definitely the only one, which caters its wines to a global clientele without even having a website.

Pol Roger Champagne house, on the other hand, is famous for Sir Winston Churchill's affinity for its produce. And the British Royal family likes it no less, as it turns out. Prince William and Kate Middleton picked the Brut Réserve NV as the drink of choice for their wedding reception.

"The King of Prosecco" - that is the prosecco of Nino Franco, according to the famous gourmet trio Jamie Oliver, Matt Skinner & Jimmy Doherty. Jamie went so far as to "prescribe" Nino Franco Rustico as the aperitif for his culinary marvels; corroborated by the simple fact that Nino Franco wines are to be found on wine carts of all Jamie's restaurant around the world.

If you thought there is no way vines can decently flourish in the rough climate of Alps, the exhilarating Colterenzio range of white wines will prove you wrong. The Mediterranean breeze moderates the harsh mountain ambiance, generating wines amazingly sensational and unique in nature. And this is how Colterenzio defies clichés.

It is not a secret that the Montezemolo cousins both have an inclination for all things red: Luca Cordero di Montezemolo currently serves as the president of the sport vehicle house Ferrari, while Giovanni makes wine - and he does it darn well. His 2007 Barolo Monfaletto is known to be some of the best Barolo reds out there, and has received 93 points Robert Parker.

Since Schmidt & CO. enoteca's emphasis is on its know-how with respect to conceptual building of our clients' wine archives, our portfolio selection is its primary and most basic display. This is how the very narrow profile of the five wine houses - which combines what is globally known and deemed top-notch with rather hidden wine jewels - came to life. The ultimate result we hoped for is a great customer value; and, chiefly, an exciting, authentic and somewhat eclectic wine fusion creating a unique wine experience.